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The Kallang Wave and other illustrations

Illustrations by Tanky

The Kallang Wave

The mighty Merlion (Fisheria Leo). Once a majestic beast that roamed the seven seas, now a critically endangered species that is found only in the waters of its native Singapore.

The Merlion lays its eggs during the rainy month of December in the Marina Bay. Spawning season ends promptly at midnight on 31 December every year, and the eggs lie in wait within the calm bay waters until August.

On 9 August, the annual giant Kallang Wave rolls out towards the bay, catching the freshly-hatched Mercubs in its wake and sweeping them out to sea. Surfers from around the world gather to challenge the Kallang Wave, and it's a grand spectacle for all on shore and out on sea: a school of friendly new Mercubs, frolicking through the waves with surfers from around the world. On occasion, a full-grown Merlion can be spotted accompanying the Mercubs; to catch a glimpse of this rare majestic creature is considered good luck for the year ahead.

Note: Merlion poaching is illegal in both local and international waters. The Singapore Law takes harsh action against any offenders.

Done on Photoshop CS5.

Source of inspiration: The Great Wave off Kanagawa. The Merlion. Singapore.


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