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Magic Girl: Prologue

Raj/Angelstarr, Angel Rathi and Mumtaz

Celebrating the power of words with gorgeous illustrations, here is a tribute to victims of recent terrorist attacks in France.

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These pages were taken off one of my portfolio archives. So it covers many media from collage to watercolor to oils, markers & pencils. Its chief ingredient, especially the mono-colored ones, is direct pen to paper. None of it is touched up on digital media. The digital bit comes in when collating/editing all the artwork & adding the text. I think I've deliberately avoided submitting graphic design works, so that an ability with linework will be the showcase.

Some of it is the work of several artists, hence the credits. Some works were specially commissioned for the anthology series e.g. the portfolio single piece Transformatrix (that piece is a deadly combination of linework from one artist & digital collage & text from me).

Magic Girl is a work in progress. Beyond the prologue, i will flesh out the story over months, where I think her ability to create magic from her words will be defined, with suitable villains. :)


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