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Cold Day

Cover illustration by Eugene Lim

My inspirations usually come from coming across pictures that I find on the web, specifically ones that catch my attention. I try to replicate the initial feeling that I get from the image, while putting my own stylization on it.

Some of the artists that I have been looking at include Otto Schmidt, Johannes Helgeson, Mel Milton and Kyu Bum Lee. These guys are able to capture girls in their own unique styles, and have been a huge inspiration to me.

This piece was done digitally on Photoshop CS6. I have never been a fan of scanning my pencil sketches into the computer like other artists that you might have come across.

My creative process is simple. I believe that everyone has his or her own unique way of working, and I choose to keep mine streamlined and straightforward. Most of the time, I will start off with a sketch, having a mental image of what I want to depict. I will then proceed to evaluate whether the drawing captures what I want to say, and if not, I continue to do various sketches on top of it, changing the poses, expressions and composition till I obtain something I am satisfied with. I then proceed to tighten the sketch by adding in details and correcting anatomy as well as compositional elements. Next off, I proceed to clean up and then follow up with colors.

You can find me at, where I upload all my works, as well as, which is mostly from my sketchbooks that are of the rougher variety.

Eugene Lim

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