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Character Concepts for Desperado Saga

Sketches by Audi Chan, for a forthcoming work.

Cale, Kai and Ayda

Yue Mei

Lily Dalton

I came up with Desperado Saga during my early secondary school years, and was very much inspired by spaghetti Western films and Japanese fantasy role-playing video games (particularly Wild Arms and Suikoden).

It started out completely different in the beginning, with an Oriental-inspired character named Yue Mei being the main character and a cowboy outlaw named Cale as her sidekick/companion, and it was always meant to have a Wild Wild West meets fantasy theme to it.

Cale eventually became the main character somewhere during my many revisions of the story, and Yue Mei became a supporting character (in one revision she was a friend and waitress at a bar, in the current one she is a mysterious cunning trader).

As I grew up and was exposed to many different kinds of stories and themes in the media I consume, I've revised and rewritten (in my head) the story over and over and have had character designs thrown away and revamped many times over the past 10-11 years since I first started writing this story.

As far as I know, these character designs are the final designs, although they're just pencil drawings in my sketchbook. Please look forward to reading the story when I start working on them!

Audi Chan (not very active)

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