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Mini Comic-book Challenge

After taking a year-long break from mid-2016 to mid-2017, Panelgraph monthly meet-ups are back with a monthly series for writers and artists to meet, support and learn from one another on our journey of creating comics!

Do you draw comics? Do you want to create your own comic-book to sell? You don't have to do it alone.

You are invited to Mini Comic-Book Challenge, a monthly event where writers and artists get together to create comics!

What is a "mini comic-book"?

A mini comic-book is an A5-sized short comic-book, made up of A4 paper folded into half and stapled together. It is a popular format commonly seen at local comic conventions. The page-count must be in multiples of 4. Keep it short (8 to 24 pages), so it can be produced relatively quickly.

The art can be in black-and-white or colour. When you have created a mini comic-book of decent quality, you can print copies to sell at a booth during the year-end boothing season -- e.g. STGCC (8 & 9 Sept 2018), AFA, Creative Market, otaku events, etc. We may even organize our own mini comic con.

The challenge

Create a mini comic-book by the end of the year. This includes printing copies and stapling them. Then, put them up for sale at any local comic convention.

On every 2nd Saturday of the month, Panelgraph has booked a room at *Scape, where comics creators can have a quiet space to work on our mini comic-books. (See the dates below.)

The event is free to attend. We hope that by gathering like-minded writers and artists, we can encourage and support one another.

If you lack experience or need advice, we have a published comic-book artist, Derek Chua, who will be on hand to provide mentorship.

Not sure what story to create? Try interpreting this theme: "Monster Girls". When we have enough stories about "Monster Girls", we can put together a commercial anthology.

For updates

To get the latest updates on happenings, please join our Panelgraph Editorial group on Facebook.



SCAPEmedia Hub, Level 5, Arena Room
2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

SCAPEmedia Hub

Getting to Arena Room

*SCAPE can be a confusing place. E.g. The street level is actually level 2, not level 1.

In case you have trouble finding us, here are some directions.

Get up to level 4, and look for this escalator:

SCAPEmedia Hub

You can't go wrong -- there's only one escalator on this level.

SCAPEmedia Hub

Just to be clear you're on level 4, that's what it says on the sign:

SCAPEmedia Hub

Don't get distracted by all the young people dancing. Come on up ...

SCAPEmedia Hub

Turn left and go past the vending machine. Notice the orange pillar pointing the way to "SCAPEmedia Hub".

SCAPEmedia Hub

Keep going ...

SCAPEmedia Hub

Until you see SCAPEmedia Hub:

SCAPEmedia Hub

Ta-dah! You have found it.

SCAPEmedia Hub

Go inside and you will see this.

SCAPEmedia Hub

Go further and you will find Arena Room. It says "Arena 1" on the door.

SCAPEmedia Hub

You will find hungry artists and writers, so bring food.

SCAPEmedia Hub