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"Panelgraph" = authoring of comics

Panelgraph (noun, verb) Takes after "photograph", "phonograph", "telegraph". From panel- (the smallest unit of a comic-book) + -graph (ancient Greek gráphō for "I write"), together meaning "authoring with panels" or "representation by means of comic-book panels".

About Panelgraph:This project is a platform for comics creators to hone our art and storytelling, to gain exposure and to build up a fan base. We encourage fun and creativity, and focus on popular genres such as fantasy, science fiction and horror. We focus on original works, not fan art.

We meet every month for an editorial meeting where we learn from one another, pitch ideas, and develop an editorial process. At this stage, there is no money involved.

We have a deadline every quarter to produce comics and illustrations for a free online publication called Panelgraph Showcase, which started in January 2015 and features comics and comics-related art works.

When we have enough good pieces of work from Panelgraph Showcase, the best ones will go into a print publication called Panelgraph Volume 1, which will sell in bookstores and via online retailers. With the print publication, we aim to reach a stage where we can pay our contributors for their works.

Interested? Join our Facebook group and drop by at one of our editorial meetings!